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Student Email

MCNY has upgraded our Student Email services. For your convenience, you can access your MCNY email account directly or go to

Getting Started

An email account will typically be created automatically for all registered students within 24 hours of registration. The standard format of the new email accounts will be your first initial combined with your last name (jdoe). In the case of a duplicate, a number will be added (jdoe1, jdoe2, etc). Here are the steps to retrieve your email account,

  1. Have your Student ID number available.
  2. Enter in your browser to get to the email home page and login screen.
  3. To begin using your student account use the Lookup My User ID tool; this will provide you with the email account that was created for you. [Note: You must be a registered student in order to retrieve your account information]
  4. Enter your 9-digit student ID and the system will return your new email User ID (email address).
  5. On the Student email homepage ( Enter your User ID. The default password is your Date of Birth in the format of "MMDDYYYY".

Forwarding Your Email

One of the benefits of this new email system is that students can forward incoming email to an alternate personal email address thus avoiding the need to check multiple email accounts. Here's how:

  • Click on the Options and Styles pull down menu towards the top-right of your screen;
  • Choose the Forwarding option;
  • In the following dialogue box, enter the email address you wish to have your MCNY Email forwarded to, and click on SAVE.

How to Customize Your Email Account

The new Student Email system is greatly enhanced with a multitude of web-based features. The very intuitive and easy-to-follow web interface allows students to customize their email experience. Here is a Q&A of some of the features that might be of interest:

Q. How do I change my Password?
A. Once logged into your MCNY Student email account account, click on the Options and Styles pull down menu towards the top-right of your screen. Then choose Password and follow instructions.

Q. I'm used to having things arranged in a certain way in my inbox. Can I customize my settings?
A. Yes. Log into your MCNY Student email account, click on the Options and Styles pull-down menu in the top-right corner of your screen, and go to the Preferences section.

Q. What else can I do?
A. In the Preferences section you will find a host of items and features that you may customize to your satisfaction. These include, but are not limited to: (Note: Be sure to click the "save" button after customization to save your changes)

  • Would you like to include or not include the original message when replying?
  • Do you want to save a copy of every email you send from this account?
  • How many messages would you like to see per page, and how would you like them sorted?
  • When you delete a message, do you want it to go to a deleted folder (where it can be retrieved), or be permanently deleted (no turning back)?
  • Do you want the system to confirm your message deletion before deleting?
  • How do you create your email signature?

For AOL Users

Because of known compatibility issues in AOL's built-in browser, we recommend that you sign on to AOL and once you are logged on, minimize AOL (do NOT close it) and open Internet Explorer. Then proceed to navigate to the MCNY Email URL (

Technical Support

Should you have any additional questions or concerns not addressed by this documentation or the online Help feature, please use the IQMail Feedback Form located on the site's homepage, or stop in to your local Student Services office.
NOTE: For security purposes, all password reset requests must be made in person at your local Student Services office.

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