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Transfer Credit

Complete your degree faster and increase your earning potential by transferring to MCNY! Metropolitan College of New York makes applying easy for transfer students. Our rolling admission policy allows students to apply and enroll in any of our three semesters. If you apply online, we'll waive the application fee!

Our flexible credit policy allows applicants to transfer as many credits as appropriate. Students may transfer up to 90 credits, depending on program requirements and individual transcripts.

Transfer students are also required to submit an official transcript from each institution previously attended, prior to start of the semester.

Students may transfer credits from another college into the:

To arrange for a transfer credit review, contact the Admissions Office.

Transfer Articulation Agreement

MCNY has Transfer articulation agreements with several Community and Private Colleges that make transferring effortless and efficient. Through our Transfer Articulation Agreements MCNY ensures that students from those institutions who meet the admissions criteria can seamlessly transfer to Metropolitan College. Transfer students who meet the admissions criteria are eligible for the $4000 Transfer Articulation grant.

Transfer students who have completed an Associate degree from the colleges listed below may qualify to pass over the first four semesters and enter directly in our fifth semester as a junior. The Bachelorís degree can then be completed in just 16 months!

Transferring to Associate Degree Programs

You may be awarded up to 12 credits toward the undergraduate Associate degree. Credits are transferable if you have earned a "C" or better in courses comparable to the MCNY degree program curriculum into which you are accepted.

Transferring to Bachelor Degree Programs

Four-year college transfer students may be awarded up to 90 credits toward the undergraduate Bachelor's degree. Credits are transferable if you have earned a "C" or better in courses comparable to the MCNY degree program curriculum into which you are accepted.

For students who want to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, the College-Level Examination Program® or CLEP provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams. Click here for information about CLEP testing. CLEP examination results are due the semester prior to registering for the course(s). You may receive up to 35 CLEP credits within a maximum of 64 transfer credits toward your Bachelor's degree in Business. Click here for a chart of MCNY's CLEP equivalents: MCNY School of Management CLEP chart.

Advance Standing (Life Experience) Program: Students entering the Bachelor of Human Services (BPS) with extensive professional experience may be eligible for the Advance standing program. Exemptions for one, two, or three semesters may be granted for significant, paid work experience through a guided portfolio development program.

Life/Professional Experience: The Life Experience Program gives students the opportunity to apply their Prior Learning Experience towards a college degree. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students enrolled in the School of Management with extensive professional experience and previous education may apply for the Prior Learning Experience, which will allow them to advance their college standing. A maximum of nine (9) credits are awarded towards the BBA degree, upon presentation of a formal portfolio by the student. Contact Admissions for more information.

Military Experience: MCNY honors veterans and the sacrifices they have made serving our country. Military coursework will be considered toward your MCNY degree by using the SMART and AARTS transcript. All transferable coursework complies with guidelines set forth by the American Council on Education.

Transferring to Master Degree Programs

You may be awarded up to 6 credits toward the graduate degrees. Credits are transferable if you have earned a "B" or better in courses comparable to the MCNY degree program curriculum into which you are accepted. (The MBA in Financial Services permits up to 12 credits in transfer.)

Credits earned within a degree can not be transferred. Only credits earned within 5 years will be accepted.

Exemption Credits

If you transfer between programs (Human Services or Business) at the same grade level (undergraduate or graduate), you may be awarded "exemption" for comparable courses within the program into which you are registering.

Contact the Office of Admissions

Contact the office of Admissions to arrange an evaluation of your transfer credits and to start your application.

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