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Fingerprint Clearance for Field Work and Student Teaching

The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) requires that any student doing more than 40 hours of fieldwork or student teaching in a school needs to obtain fingerprint clearance.

Beginning in October 2013, all NYC-area colleges and universities (within the 5 boroughs) were required to enter fieldwork students or student teachers, into the NYCDOE's Personnel Eligibility Tracking System (PETS). Since there are 120 hours of fieldwork required in the first semester, all new MSED students at MCNY will need to obtain fingerprint clearance. Once entered into PETS, the NYCDOE can proceed to fingerprint them.

This new process to get an student fingerprinted to obtain security clearance is:

  1. College representative enters student into the PETS roster.
  2. Student will receive an email from the NYCDOE at the email address entered by the College into PETS. This email will provide detailed instructions how to access the NYCDOE's Applicant Gateway. Student will validate the information entered into PETS and fill out the required forms.
  3. After completing all steps in the Applicant Gateway, the NYCDOE's systems will determine if the applicant has valid DOE fingerprint results on file. If no fingerprints are on file, the student will then be able to print a Fingerprint Referral Form. This form will be the only acceptable proof that the applicant has completed all pre-fingerprinting steps and is ready to be fingerprinted. [As referenced above, the NYCDOE will no longer be able to fingerprint an applicant who has not completed their registration in the Applicant Gateway.]
  4. If the student needs to be fingerprinted, the student will need to bring his or her Social Security card and the printed Fingerprint Referral Form to the HR Connect Fingerprinting Unit at 65 Court Street, Room 102 in Brooklyn for fingerprint processing. You may have to wait if the queue for fingerprinting is long.
  5. All subsequent steps, including background checks, Office of Personnel Investigations (OPI) investigations, and any outcomes of an investigation will remain the same.

I have already been fingerprinted by any other city, state, or federal agency?

If you have been previously fingerprinted by a NY City, NY State or Federal Agency other than the NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE) or the NY State Education Department, the NYCDOE is legally unable to use those fingerprint results to verify your security clearance.

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