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Finding a Federal Work-Study Job
If you have been identified as an eligible Federal Work-Study student and you need to find a Federal Work-Study job, the following information is important for you to know.

Finding the right Federal Work-Study job takes a little effort, but it is not complicated. You will find it all in our Job Listings book located in the Office of Student Financial Services. The Job Listings book provides the following information:

  • The job title
  • The required qualifications
  • The required hours per week
  • The pay rate
  • The employer's name, location and email address

Pick several positions that look promising and send your information to the contact person to arrange an interview. Before you make a commitment, make sure the work schedule does not conflict with your class or study schedule and that you are comfortable with the required hours.

Hiring a Work-Study Student
Students must confirm their Federal Work-Study eligibility prior to applying for a job posting. Federal Work-Study is an employment program for students eligible for federal student aid. Students are required to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for this financial aid award. As an identifier, the student MUST indicate their interest in Federal Work-Study on the FAFSA. If you have been chosen for verification, submit all required documents for processing. If you have already filed the FAFSA, please verify that you qualify for Federal Work-Study by visiting the Office of Student Financial Services. If you do not have a Federal Work-Study award, you may email to check your eligibility.

Hiring supervisors must submit a job description to the Office of Student Financial Services. Once received, the job description will be posted in the Jobs Listings book. This will allow students to view and apply for a position. The hiring supervisor must confirm that the student is eligible for Federal Work-Study by asking the student to verify their status with the Office of Student Financial Services, or they can email to confirm eligibility.

Once the hiring supervisor has selected a candidate, he/she must set up a time to meet with the student to complete all necessary paperwork. It is critical that all documents be completed correctly to avoid delays in processing. All documents are to be sent to the Office of Student Financial Services located on the 12th floor of the MCNY campus. The Federal Work-Study Coordinator will check the file for any missing documents/signatures that must be processed.

Once these steps are completed, the Federal Work-Study Coordinator will send an email to the student and hiring supervisor informing them that the paperwork has been processed and that the student can begin working. Any hours worked prior to the email will not be compensated by Federal Work-Study funds. Any earnings surpassing the Federal Work-Study award will be charged 100% to the department(s) employing the Federal Work-Study student. All required documents for on-campus positions are available by emailing . Please include in the subject line which forms or hiring packet are needed.

Monitoring Earnings
An earnings limit is established for each student by Student Financial Services Budget. Both students and their employers are responsible for monitoring the student’s earnings. Students may monitor earnings by emailing and in the subject line indicating a Federal Work-Study earnings update. Students may also check their status through their ADP iPayStatements account, which displays the remaining award balance through paystubs. Please see your supervisor for instructions on how to access ADP iPayStatements.

Making Changes

Transferring from One Job to Another
Students may change from one job to another. In order to transfer to another job, the original hiring supervisor must terminate the student from the position. The new hiring supervisor should then hire the student through the standard job application process. The required forms are available online.

Changing Withholding
Students can make changes to the W-4 form through an online request to  For all other forms, please visit the Office of Student Financial Services for assistance.

If you withdraw from the MCNY during a Purpose, you may not continue working through the Federal Work-Study program. Please visit the Office of Student Financial Services to meet with the Federal Work-Study Coordinator about terminating the Federal Work-Study position. You will also receive information about the effect of the withdrawal on your financial aid.

How do I get paid?

  1. To be paid, Federal Work-Study students must ensure that all necessary paperwork (clearance form, I-9, W-4, IT2104 or IT2104E) has been completed and is on file in the appropriate office.
  2. Ensure that supervisors record work hours daily and sign time sheets at the end of the payroll period.
  3. The department you work for is responsible for providing time sheets, seeing that they are filled out correctly, verifying the accuracy of the hours reported, and delivering the time sheets to the Payroll office. In the event that a time sheet is rejected, it must be corrected and resubmitted to Payroll. Any rejection of a timesheet will result in a two-week delay on the next paycheck.

Paychecks will be available every other Friday at the Bursar. The first paycheck will be available two weeks after the first time sheet is submitted. Please allow for a 3-4 week delay from the time that you begin working until you receive the first paycheck.

Time sheets must be submitted as per payroll schedules. Students and departments can download a schedule of pay periods here.

You must have identification to pick up paychecks..

Paychecks should be picked up promptly, as they are only valid for 60 days. Checks that are not picked up and cashed within 60 days will have to be reissued.

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