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Office of Financial Aid

Electronic Services

Sign on to Self-Service and take a look at the electronic services available in the Student Financial Services channel under the Finances tab.

Access Your Financial Aid Information
Student financial aid awards are displayed by aid year, along with a list of documents that have been received and a list of documents still needed to complete your financial aid file. This information is provided in "real-time," so information is current as of the day and time that it is viewed.

Electronic Invoices
In an effort to offer greater access to invoice and payment information as well as reduce our impact on the environment, MCNY issues electronic invoices. Students will receive a notification to their MCNY ( email account when an invoice is ready to be viewed online.

Webcheck/ACH payment
Students can now make payments online using a checking or savings account. No more writing checks!

Designate Authorized Users
Students can designate an authorized user (parent, relative, guardian, employer, etc.) to view their account and make payments on their behalf. If a student designates an authorized user, the user will receive email notifications, such as: new invoices available for viewing, or that a payment for his or her payment plan is due, etc..

Store Payment Methods
Students can store payment methods for faster transactions. Simple access the My Profiles link to store either credit card or checking or savings account information. The stored payment method will become an option for payment each time you make a payment through the system.

1098-T Tuition Statement Tax Form
Students can access their MCNY's 1098-T Tuition Statement Tax Form(s) online using the following steps:

  1. Click on the following link "Click here to retrieve your login credentials" and enter the requested information. Click "Submit" to receive your password.
  2. Click on the link that say "Login Page" and enter our school code (3H), your account number (your SSN) and password.
  3. Once in your account select "Tax Information" link and scroll down page to select the appropriate year's 1098-T Form you would like to view.

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