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Computer Labs Information for Faculty and Staff

  • Instructors must be present at all times when classes are taught in the Computer Labs.
  • If an instructor is not present, the College reserves the right to terminate the instructor's use of the Computer Labs until appropriate supervision is provided.
  • A staff person is always on duty. The staff of the Computer Labs provides assistance on the basic use of software programs, maintains decorum, ensures the proper use of Computer Labs equipment, and monitors adherence to the rules of the Computer Labs.
  • Staff members will aid in the instruction of a course. However, they cannot administer or proctor tests or participate in classes.
  • Students are required to show school identification and sign in.
  • Each student you are instructing must have a 3.5 inch diskette on which to save their work. If a student does not have a diskette, one can be purchased from the Computer Labs.
  • Students MUST take their diskettes and personal belongings with them whenever they leave the Computer Labs for any reason. The staff of the Computer Labs are not responsible for lost or stolen articles left by students or instructors.
  • Computer Labs staff are not responsible for any coursework left on workstations. Files left on workstations are subject to deletion.
  • There is absolutely no FOOD OR DRINK OF ANY KIND allowed into any Computer Labs.

The Computer Labs are used by many courses and standards of configuration and functionality must be maintained. Please note:

  • Instructors may not add any devices, drivers or software onto the workstations.
  • Requests for additional software should be forwarded to your program dean. Requests for additional software or hardware must be submitted by the last month of the previous budget period (July 1st.), in order to review budgetary concerns, procurement and implementation.
  • "Administrative" work station "IDs" or passwords are not to be shared with students.

Equipment Request and Use:

The scheduling of Computer Labs equipment (i.e. Overhead Projector, LCD Projector, VCR & Monitor, Gateway Destination, etc) is created according to the needs of a particular course. Your program dean coordinates scheduling with other deans and lab administrators and staff.

Individual faculty requests for equipment are subject to equipment availability and are issued on a "first come, first served" basis. In the event that the equipment requested is not available due to semester bound commitment(s), please meet with your dean.

Please note, A/V equipment cannot be left unsupervised by the requesting instructor. The Computer Labs staff must be alerted when you are finished using the equipment. In the event that a staff member is not available for pickup, please notify security to ensure that the equipment is returned to the Computer Labs.

In the event of an equipment problem, a Computer Labs staff member should be notified immediately. Instructors are not permitted to fix any piece of equipment. If an instructor needs technical assistance, please contact a Computer Labs staff member and he/she will request a technician.

For More Information
Any comments, suggestions or inquiries should be directed to the Computer Labs at ext 3903 or 3904.

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