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The Metropolitan College of New York System of Education is now being used from K-12 in schools throughout the country.
The Metropolitan College of New York System of Education is based on the premise that students learn best when they use their knowledge and skills to achieve a meaningful and complex Purpose that makes a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.  Metropolitan College of New York Schools focus all student learning  from math and science to English and social studies on a meaningful, overarching Purpose that contributes to the community and the larger, global society. Students become eager, confident learners, proud of their abilities to take charge of their own learning and to improve their communities and society. Teachers become enthusiastic advisors and facilitators, assuming new leadership roles as they collaborate with other teachers, parents and community members to support student learning.  In the early grades, each class may achieve its Purpose as a group, planning and implementing a Constructive Action in the community with the guidance of the teacher. Older students plan and implement their own individual Constructive Action with their teachers. There are 24 enriching, developmentally appropriate Purposes, generally one for each semester at each grade level.

Examples are:

Grade 1: We Work For SafetySM
Grade 3: We Help People Through the ArtsSM
Grade 4: We Work for Good HealthSM
Grade 10: Use Science and Technology to Help Shape a Just and Productive SocietySM

All school subjects are focused on the semester's Purpose. Instead of taking classes separated by subject area, students take classes which incorporate the core subjects and are called Dimension of Learning, Action, and Assessment. These Dimension classes also teach students how to use knowledge and skills to achieve their Purposes through research, goal-setting, effective communications and teamwork.

The five Dimensions of Learning, ActionSM and Assessment are:
Purpose Dimension
Students identify, examine, plan, implement and evaluate the achievement of  their Purpose.  In this process, they use mathematics,  geography, history, the language arts, science and other knowledge, as well as the complex skills of planning, synthesizing, problem-solving and creativity to achieve their Purpose through a Constructive Action.

Values and Ethics Dimension
Students examine perspectives from history, literature, philosophy and  government to help bring ethical considerations into the decisions they make to achieve their Purpose through Constructive Action.

Self and Others Dimension
Reading and writing skills, literature and the creative arts help students increase their understanding of themselves, communicate effectively and develop productive  relationships with people of all ages and cultures as they achieve their Purpose.

Systems Dimension     
Students develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the systems of which they are a part,  including the family, community and the world at large. In Natural Systems Dimension classes, students examine the natural sciences and  technology. In Social Systems classes, students examine history, civics, geography and other aspects of the social sciences, to work more effectively with these systems in achieving their Purpose through Constructive Action.

Skills Dimension
Students develop critical skills for higher education, adulthood, citizenship, leadership and the workforce. These include mathematics, computer and technological applications, physical skills and statistics.

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