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How MCNY Interns, Graduates and Alumni Benefit Employers

The primary beneficiary of Purpose-Centered Education is employers.

That's because MCNY students have all participated in a rigorous and accelerated course of study that focuses entirely on practical applications. At MCNY the students receive practical and experiential learning in the classroom and the workplace.

Whether you bring in our interns, or hire recent graduates and alumni, your organization will benefit from the experience, vision and commitment that comes with an MCNY education.

MCNY Interns

MCNY Interns come prepared to both learn from your organization and to contribute directly to its success.

The entire MCNY curriculum is based on the concept of Purpose-Centered Education which enables students to translate concepts from the classroom into strategies and objectives to improve the organizations where they work or intern.

So, as part of their coursework, MCNY interns are required to examine your organization and come up with a defined plan of action and strategies that will contribute to the growth and success of your company. This unique feature of MCNY's curriculum is called “Constructive Action.”

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that employers ask when they are thinking about hiring an MCNY intern:

Q. Do you have resumes of MCNY students and alumni that we can review?
A. Yes, these resumes are available online. Contact us and we will give you instructions on accessing this information.

Q. What is the typical profile of an MCNY student?
A. MCNY students and alumni are unique in that they have that rare combination of book knowledge and workplace experience; they have pursued a demanding educational path that requires them to apply what they learn in the classroom to improve their workplace, their industry, their communities. We hope you will visit our campus and get a chance to speak with our students directly, but right now you can explore "The MCNY Stories" section of the website, which offers video profiles of MCNY students, alumni and faculty.

Q. How long would a student be at our location for an internship?
A.Internship requirements may vary depending on program. In general:

  • Undergraduate Human Service students are required to complete at least 14 hours a week for 14 weeks per semester.
  • The MPA program requires the students complete an internship for a one year period. The weekly hours are agreed upon by the field supervisor, professor and the student.
  • Business students discuss and plan criteria for their Contsructive Action class with their professors. Hours and duration are agreed upon at that time.

If you would like to speak to us about internships, please contact us.

MCNY Graduates and Alumni

People who graduate from our programs have learned both in the classroom and at the work site. Whether they have an MBA in Media Management or an Associate's degree in Human Services and Education, MCNY grads usually have worked for several years and have had multiple internships in the field. They come to your organization ready to contribute.

Here is a short video of some MCNY Alums talking about their careers and their MCNY experience.

Alumni Testimonials

Hear what some alumni of MCNY have to say about their experiences with the College.

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If you would like to speak to us about our recent graduates and alumni, please contact us.

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