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MBA in Health Services and Risk Management

About This Program

The goals of the MCNY graduate business degree programs are to enhance students' professional mobility, engage them in the development of the global business and social community and encourage exemplary moral and ethical behavior. Through the MBA programs, students are afforded the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the field of entrepreneurship and/or 'intrapreneurship' in business and to develop the necessary skills for successful careers as entrepreneurs or in corporate business environments throughout. At MCNY, the MBA programs are oriented towards a practitioner-based model where management theories are fully integrated within the curriculum and students are expected to complete their respective programs with a tangible outcome, through the Constructive Action (CA).

At the centerpiece of these programs is the College's Purpose-Centered Education model, where students work methodically every semester to further increase their understanding of the world of business, while contributing to the development of their Constructive Actions, which focus on strategic analysis, planning and implementation to define innovative business models, products, customers, market segments and geographical markets for the future. These programs also recognize that business is a dynamic field and, as such, we are dedicated to regularly updating the curriculum consistent with changes in industry and the development of MCNY.

Upon completion, it is expected that the MCNY MBA student will graduate an effective business professional who can lead in a changing global environment and will demonstrate mastery of skills in leadership, communication, strategic thinking, diversity management, financial analysis, change management, and accountability that are necessary to successfully assume managerial responsibilities. After attainting an MBA from MCNY, graduates of the program will lead the process of change for self, others and for a sustainable global community.

Specifically, students will:

  • Master the personal and professional skills necessary to lead and work within teams effectively;
  • Master the skills to engage all relevant parties in the development of the global, business and social community;
  • Master the skills to effectively operate in the global economic and business environment and develop long term strategies to positively impact business environments and organizations;
  • Make ethical decisions guided by thought, analysis, and compassion.

In the Health Services and Risk Management degree program, you'll be preparing for a career focused on the business operations and management of healthcare organizations with emphasis on health services management, healthcare policy and law, healthcare technology management, healthcare quality management, healthcare data analytics, and healthcare project management.

How does MCNY connect real-world experience with classroom coursework?

Not only does this graduate major combines the best of business knowledge and skills with healthcare management coursework, the curriculum also allows for each student to engage in a Constructive Action project each semester. This unique platform for learning is based on MCNY's Purpose Centered Education model. Each student learns classroom theory and practical, hands-on, experiential knowledge of healthcare industry operations. Each semester the student will associate with an organization that provides healthcare services and will engage in a collaborative project. The Constructive Action class is the true bridge between learning and practice. The three Constructive Action projects are strategic healthcare industry analysis, strategic healthcare industry planning, and strategic healthcare industry management.

How marketable will I be after graduation?

Graduating with an MBA in Health Services and Risk Management gives you business and healthcare management education and a collaborative experience with health service providers and the potential for a high-level professional certification and membership in prestigious professional organizations. Graduates of the program will have the knowledge base to sit for the following healthcare management certifications:

Beside these certifications, graduates of this program are eligible to become member of national and international healthcare management professional organizations, like American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), and Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

This degree and your future are directly related

Medical and health services managers, also called healthcare executives or healthcare administrators, plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health services. They may manage an entire facility or specialize in managing a specific managerial area, like healthcare planning, healthcare finance, healthcare human resources management, etc.

There are many paths that your career can take with a graduate degree in Health Services and Risk Management. Possible job titles can be:

  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Healthcare Project Manager
  • Healthcare Technology Manager
  • Healthcare Security & Privacy Manager
  • Healthcare Resources Managers
  • Healthcare Quality Manager
  • Healthcare Data Analyst
  • Healthcare Finance Manager
  • Healthcare Marketing Manager
  • Healthcare Insurance Manager
  • Healthcare Facilities Manager
  • Healthcare Compliance Manager

Potential places of employment include:

  • Hospitals and Physicians group practices
  • Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • Diagnostic and Imaging Centers
  • Nursing Homes and Hospices
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Home Health Centers
  • Managed Care Facilities
  • Medical Insurance Carriers
  • Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Setup their own business or consultancy firms

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