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MBA in General Management

1 year, 45-credits MBA in General Management Program

Program Overview

At the centerpiece of MCNY MBA programs is the College's Purpose-Centered Education model, where students work methodically every semester to further increase their understanding of the world of business, while contributing to the development of their Constructive Actions.

The Constructive Action focuses on strategic analysis, planning and implementation to define innovative business models, products, customers, market segments and geographical markets for the future. Rather than alternating an academic and internship or work-related semester as practiced in some work-study programs, the MCNY MBA curriculum requires simultaneous interaction between knowledge and action, study and practice, as each student is expected to develop and complete a real world Constructive Action during each Purpose.

To achieve these goals, students in the MBA programs are required to complete three Purposes of integrated full-time study and practice in Industry and Venture Assessment (Purpose 1), Business Planning, Development and Marketing (Purpose 2) and Venture Implementation, Actualization and Evaluation (Purpose 3) as applied to their selected area of specialization in General Management.

Program Structure

The MBA program in General Management comprises three purposes (1 - 3) and revolves around five dimensions: Purpose, Value and Ethics, Self and Other, Systems and Skills. These dimensions form core of courses offered for each specific purpose.

The course contents are geared toward achievement of the overall program goals. The three Purposes and the Courses offered in each are given below:

Purpose 1: Industry and Venture Assessment

  • Purpose: CA 1 – Strategic Industry Analysis
  • Skills: Managerial Accounting
  • Self & Others: Emerging Technologies and Business Empowerment
  • Values & Ethics: Business Law & Ethics
  • Systems: Intra and Entrepreneurship & Business Management

Purpose 2: Business Planning, Development and Marketing

  • Purpose: CA 2 – Strategic Planning
  • Skills: Managerial Economics
  • Self & Others: Marketing in a Flat World
  • Values & Ethics: Project Leadership
  • Systems: Organizational Behavior, Development & Transformation

Purpose 3: Implementation, Actualization and Evaluation

  • Purpose: CA 3 – Strategic Management & Evaluation
  • Skills: Managerial Finance
  • Self & Other: People, Conflict, Negotiation & Resolution
  • Values & Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility / International Practicum
  • Systems: Innovation & Knowledge Management

The Purpose Dimension (semester courses) is where students actualize their Constructive Actions. The Purpose Dimension seminars are therefore, the critical forums where, via discussions, planning, research, and shared exploration of problems and solutions, student learning is assessed, clarified and put into contextual focus. In these seminars, each student contributes actively, bringing ideas, research findings, specific problems, and plans concerning his or her specific Constructive Action with a particular business venture in his/her particular industry, to share with other students of the seminar.

Additionally, a goal of each seminar is to foster and apply skills critical to developing professional and mutually beneficial relationships among students. As mutual contributors, students will bring their insights from fieldwork, assigned readings, and lectures in the other Dimension classes into a focus that integrates theory with their individual Constructive Actions. As such, students must identify an appropriate field placement during each Purpose to execute their Constructive Action. The field experience may vary from one Purpose to the next if necessary and can be achieve via any of the following: existing employment, internship and/or mentoring.

After attainting an MBA in General Management from MCNY, graduates of the program will lead the process of change for self, others and for a sustainable global community. The program has specific reasons that graduates will work towards acquiring their degrees at MCNY and these include the following:

  • Manage change in a dynamic global environment and across the value chain.
  • Develop new opportunities for self and others through Constructive Action.
  • Apply emerging technologies for business growth.

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