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About MCNY's Graduate Business Programs

At MCNY, we believe in hands-on learning.
Our program is designed to allow you to work full-time while pursuing your degree full-time; We think it’s the best way to learn. And, because of our accelerated curriculum, you can keep your job, keep your income and not only get your degree, but earn your MBA in just one year. We offer evening and weekend classes, in addition to online courses, so that you can create a schedule to suit your needs. You will not interrupt your career and you will get your degree more quickly.

We are a community of "do-ers".
From our amazing faculty to our highly motivated graduate students, the key feature of the MCNY educational experience is experiential learning. Peek into our classrooms and you will probably see small groups of adult learners debating strategies and actionable ideas…professors who encourage and draw from their own work experience. Our faculty is comprised of full-time professors with many years of experience in both the business world and academia, as well as adjuncts who are current practitioners in their professional endeavors and who bring to the classroom a combination of hands-on expertise and formal graduate training. You will learn by doing, you will learn from your professors and you will learn from each other.

A global perspective is the only perspective.
As part of your curriculum (and included in your tuition), as an MCNY MBA candidate you will travel abroad to see for yourself multiculturalism and the impact it has on business decisions. General MBA students travel to London and Paris for an international overview, while MBA in Media Management candidates travel to the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival, where they attend lectures with media icons, internationally acclaimed producers and merchandising experts. Whatever MCNY MBA you enroll in, you’ll use what you learned abroad in your job or business.

We maintain a rigorous focus on a curriculum that answers the challenges of today's workplace.
This isn't a business program that expounds theories or rhetoric. The foundation of our Graduate Business Programs, and all our degree and certificate programs is a concept called Purpose-Centered Education. It means that our business school curriculum is completely practical. An idea discussed in class on Monday, gets implemented at work on Tuesday and the results are analyzed in class on Wednesday. You will graduate with a knowledge base that is relevant, as well as skills and tools that will benefit you your entire career.

Our learning model requires you to contribute in a positive way to the organization where you work.
Every semester each MCNY student implements a major improvement at their place of work or internship site related to the semester's Purpose or primary theme - such as Managing Change. This initiative is called a Constructive Action, and it serves as the bridge between classroom learning and work. The Constructive Action is a course, a project management method, a problem-solving technique, and a written report on how to address an important issue facing modern business professionals. The CA demonstrates to the student, the faculty, and the organization that the student can use classroom learning and real-world work situations to help an organization achieve its goals. You will create constructive plans of action that you will use to better your workplace.

The advantages of a graduate business degree last a lifetime. Reap the rewards of a challenging and exciting business education that will impact your future for years to come.

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